Lenovo has dropped a massive bank holiday sale

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Lenovo has dropped a massive bank holiday sale

TL;DR: Through May 25, save 10% sitewide in the Lenovo bank holiday sale using the code BANKHOLIDAY.

It’s another bank holiday weekend in the UK, and if you were thinking that it couldn’t possibly get any better, you’d be wrong. 

Loads of retailers take the opportunity to celebrate the long weekend with a sale, which is great news for anyone looking to save. It’s a perfect opportunity to bag yourself a deal, especially if you’re looking for a new laptop, desktop, or accessory.

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Lenovo has just dropped a massive bank holiday sale on pretty much everything on its site. You can now save 10% sitewide using the code BANKHOLIDAY. This code is valid until May 25, but does exclude Motorola phones, Ideapad 3, IdeaPad 5, and ThinkPad X1 laptop ranges. Read more…

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