With Peloton's app, you can dance your way through quarantine

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With Peloton's app, you can dance your way through quarantine

Work(out) From Home is a weekly column where we review smart fitness machines and apps in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Thanks to technology, there are still plenty of ways to exercise if your gym is closed.

Thanks to a short (and hectic) work week made possible by the upcoming, long Memorial Day Weekend, it’s safe to say I’ve been far more scatterbrained than usual. I also think I’m finally starting to feel the quarantine fatigue and the lack of motivation that can come with working from home. 

It didn’t help that I started making a bunch of TikTok videos using old footage from nights out with my best friends. I looked around the room on Sunday night and realized, I forgot what having fun feels like. You know, that carefree, living-in-the-moment type of fun. The last time I even got close to that was a couple of weeks ago when I danced through workouts using On Beat Fitness — an app that centers its workouts around the beat of the music.  Read more…

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