Denise Richards: Why is Lisa Rinna Trying to DESTROY Me?!

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In the aftermath of Kyle Richards' meltdown last week, the ladies of Beverly Hills opted to take a break with a trip to Santa Barbara.

But tempers continued to flare, and Denise Richards fears that her friend of twenty years is suddenly out to get her. But why?

First of all, the only Housewife not taking part in the trip was Garcelle Beauvais.

It's because she has to travel for work so she can't make it but, yeah, the optics are unfortunate to say the least.

Instead, we see Garcelle gather up her boys and say goodbye, which was a very sweet if awkwardly staged moment.

She also takes the time to say that PTA moms who try to give her a hard time about traveling can stick it where the sun doesn't shine, so to speak.

Meanwhile, the Housewives discussed Denise's hangups about how her kids may have heard some of a fairly adult discussion.

"Don't we normally talk like that?" Lisa Rinna points out. "She took her husband to get a happy ending, she can't get offended."

Erika, using unfortunate terminology, points out: "They had a hooker at Thanksgiving!"

Dorit seems to be the only one who understands the nuance between Mom Denise's boundaries and Denise when her kids aren't there.

The chatter died down when Denise joined the ladies, but then it picked right up again.

Sutton Stracke had a suggestion for Denise to help her to avoid this complicated situation in the future.

"Maybe when it's an adult party like that," she recommended, "just don't invite the kids."

That sweetly phrased shade did not go over well with Denise.

Denise correctly asserted that it was her house, and her party.

"Of course it's nothing they haven't heard," Denise acknowledged, in reference to normal teen conversations.

She explained: "I just didn't want them to hear it from their mom and mom's friends."

Still, she said that she would be "mindful" of her kids being in earshot for future Housewife gatherings.

Erika, with whom Denise had previously discussed all of this, asked about Sami's reaction after the fact.

Denise, however, decided to shut it down.

"We're done," she she announced.

Denise added: "I don't want to talk about my kids right now."

"But I don't talk to my kids about a happy ending or my husband's penis," Denise later explained.

Now, Erika recalled when Denise had posted a deeply horny and frankly revealing photo of her husband, Aaron the sound wizard, on social media.

After all, anybody over 13 can be on social media. They could see that.

Denise acknowledged that she then removed the photo because it made her kids "uncomfortable." We can imagine.

But as Erika explained, they were feeling that Denise wasn't just setting a boundary — they felt judged by Denise.

"You can't talk about the size of your husband's penis and getting a happy ending and then we're the bad moms," Erika lamented.

"I think it's a little convoluted for us," Lisa told her friend.

"You have to f–king own it," she added. "You can't be a hypocrite about it."

"Do you talk about the hookers with your kids, about the hookers Charlie brings around?" Lisa ended up asking Denise.

This came as a shock to Denise and to, frankly, everyone else. (Also, it's not too much to ask to say sex workers; "hookers" is rude)

Lise added: "You've been quite free with us."

"Privately, I've had private conversations with them," Denise said.

"Wow, that's my friend of 20 years," Denise fumed in the confessional.

"She knows I've protected these kids all these years," she added.

"I don't know if she's trying to embarrass me  or humiliate me," Denise lamented. "I don't know."

"I don't know what her agenda is," Denise continued about Lisa.

"But whatever it is," she expressed, "it's f–king hurtful, really hurtful."

Was Lisa really trying to hurt Denise? Was she trying to do her job?

Or … was she trying to give Denise a chance to delve into a sensitive topic to help everyone understand her perspective?

Denise richards why is lisa rinna trying to destroy me




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