Red Dead Redemption 2's Most Disturbing Location Explained

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Even though Red Dead Redemption 2’s Aberdeen pig farm is one of the most disturbing places players can encounter in the entire game, it’s well worth taking one’s time to look around if they do find it. The detailed farmhouse holds many secrets to uncover, particularly about its two inhabitants. RDR2 players will want to ensure they do their best to explore everything when they encounter the farm.

To find the Aberdeen farm, players should go southeast of Emerald Station and Ranch. When Arthur Morgan finds the home, he’ll be greeted by a friendly couple who’ll invite him inside for a bite to eat. But after Arthur drinks a bit too much, he suddenly passes out. The next scene finds Arthur waking up in a grave alongside other bodies, completely robbed of all his money, revealing he was likely drugged.

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Afterwards, players will have the option to return to the Aberdeen farm. Not only will Arthur encounter the murderous man and woman, Tammy and Bray Aberdeen, but he’ll also have the opportunity to go inside their farmhouse and search for clues. Red Dead Redemption 2 players shouldn’t forget to loot the place, either, unless they want to forget about the cash the Aberdeens so viciously tried to steal.

Most players will likely want to fight the Aberdeens upon returning to the farmhouse – after all, they just tried to kill Arthur. The man will begin shooting, but Arthur can easily overpower him before finding the woman in the house. She’ll try running forward to stab Arthur, and it’s up to players how they handle the situation. They will eventually need to defeat both characters if they want to search the house, or else they’ll continue bothering the player as they loot the place. If players leave the woman alive for a while after the man, however, they can hear her cry “I loved him like a husband.”

When Arthur enters this Red Dead Redemption 2 location, he can easily find the money that was stolen from him behind the large painting near the entrance. The portrait features an old woman – later implied to be the Aberdeen matriarch – and behind it will reveal a secret compartment hiding the money. But players shouldn’t just stop there, as there are more clues and goodies to be found in the rest of the house. Open up cabinets and drawers to find items like bitters, beans, biscuits, and other foods. Look under the wash bin to find a miracle tonic, and there’s snake oil in a dresser upstairs. If players go to the shed attached to the side of the house, they can also find a lockbox filled with money, presumably from other Aberdeen victims Red Dead Redemption 2’s lawmen haven’t discovered.

Things get really interesting when players make their way to the second level and attempt to open the armoire. Inside, they’ll find the remaining bones of a decayed body. Then, in the bedroom, Arthur can pick up a photograph of a mother, father, and their son and daughter – the parent’s faces have been crossed out. From this, players can infer that the two children were the man and woman Arthur just encountered. If Arthur hogties Tammy and takes her to the mass grave, she’ll apologize to her mother.

The game implies that siblings killed their mother (that’s her body in the armoire), likely due to their incestuous relationship. With tons of things to discover and a shocking backstory, the Aberdeen pig farm is one of the weirdest locations to encounter in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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