Christians & Covid

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Note to anyone out there who thinks only poor or uneducated people are defiant about taking precautions during this Covid-19 epidemic.

Read the email below from a white woman in her thirties who lives in Lake County, northern California, with her husband and homeschools her three kids.  She holds a Ph.D. in microbiology.

My friend Diane sent Brittany an email admonishing her to take wearing a mask seriously.

Here is her reply:

To live is Christ and to die is gain. We are not afraid of Coronavirus.

Also, a friend of ours and her child were in a car accident. They couldn’t get her daughters oxygen saturation up from 70% at the hospital. Someone suggested taking off her mask and immediately her oxygen saturation went up to 98%.
Masks are not healthy.

We respect our authority when we go out but we try not to wear masks. We’re actually headed to a playdate right now. Kids cannot safely run, play and socialize with masks on. We choose to take this risk as others have been doing for thousands of years with much worse pathogens.



Probably Brittany’s kids won’t die, but one of their grandparents will.  




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