TikTok discovered 'green needle vs. brainstorm' two years later and it blew up again

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TikTok discovered 'green needle vs. brainstorm' two years later and it blew up again

I know it’s the weekend and you want to relax, not have your brain pretzeled. I know. But I saw this and now I must share it. 

Do you remember the dress? You know — the viral blue or yellow dress? Or better yet, how about Yanny vs. Laurel? Well, a new viral auditory illusion hit the internet over the weekend. Green needle vs. brainstorm. Just watch.

Different coworkers have had different reactions to this viral TikTok. For me, the sound definitely changes depending on which word I’m reading or thinking about. It even works if I close my eyes. 

The wild thing is this isn’t new. My colleague Morgan Sung even wrote about it when the sound first went viral in 2018. It’s the janky audio of a children’s toy.  Read more…

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