Toy Story 4’s Tony Hale Has A Great Idea For A Wall-E Crossover

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The voice of Forky in Toy Story 4 has a brilliant idea for a crossover with the titular character from Pixar’s Wall-E. Actor Tony Hale is a huge fan of Pixar, in addition to working as the voice of Forky in Toy Story 4 and the Disney Plus series Forky Asks A Question. The actor is such a Pixar fan that he’s even put thought into how to bring the world of Toy Story and Wall-E together.

Forky made his first appearance in Toy Story 4. Unlike the other toys he’s not manufactured in a factory but instead created by a child as an arts & crafts project. As a result of this, he questions the nature of his very existence and the meaning of the world around him. This was expanded on in Forky Asks A Question, a series of shorts where he asks the toys about life and how things work. While WALL-E’s story unfolds hundreds of years in the future, the load lifter robot is equally curious about the world around him.

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In an interview with Yahoo, actor Tony Hale was asked which other Pixar movie he would like to see Forky crossover with, to which he responded, “I could see a little crossover between Forky and WALL-E.” He discussed how WALL-E has a sense of wonder and wide-eyed-ness and that he could easily see Forky and WALL-E exploring space together. Hale continued with the idea that since Forky has countless questions about things on earth that he would have many more questions when it comes to space.

If Pixar were to do a crossover episode of Forky Asks A Question and WALL-E, the characters would no doubt have many questions for each other. However, the answers may be limited due to Wall-E’s inability to speak in clear sentences. WALL-E could show Forky his home and pet cockroach and might even introduce him to EVE as well as all the robots on the Axium. Given each of the character’s curious nature, a crossover between the two really could be an interesting crossover.

Hale’s creative idea has opened up a world of possibilities for Forky and Forky Asks A Question. The antics that WALL-E and Forky could get up to are endless. The crossover could provide Pixar with even more episodes for Forky Asks A Question, where Forky invites other Pixar characters onto the show and asks them questions about their lives. Only time will tell if Pixar makes this idea come alive. While most Pixar movies only contain small easter eggs to other movies, it would certainly be possible for Pixar to form a larger crossover between two characters.

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