Digital Sky Launches New Audio/Visual Hybrid Podcast RIDE SHARE

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If you’re looking for a new fiction podcast, you may want to check out Ride Share from Digital Sky. The series is set for 10 episodes and will star Britt Baron (Glow) and Eric Martsoff (Days of our Lives). Scott Zakarin directs the podcast about “a dangerous con-man who preys on the public under the guise of a friendly rideshare driver.” The first episode of Ride Share will drop tomorrow (September 15) on Apple Podcasts with new episodes releasing every week. You can find the trailer below.

Ride Share’s audio episodes will also be connected to the video episodes of Trail Less Taken. The first episode of that is available now on YouTube and “follows the fictional story of an experienced hiker and social media influencer Claire Hoffman. On this adventure she is faced with an unpredicted torrential rainstorm, putting her in a hopeless situation with a last chance to reveal her personal truth.” Claire is performed by Caitlin Thornburn (Good Omens).




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