Justice League: Ray Fisher Slams Warner Bros’ Reshoots Investigation

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Justice League star Ray Fisher has spoken out against the investigation into the Warner Bros. film’s reshoots. Justice League has become one of the most talked about movies of this decade, largely because of its tumultuous production. Director Zack Snyder helmed the DC Extended Universe film. However, before it was complete, Snyder had to step away due to a family tragedy. Warner Bros. then brought Joss Whedon in for reshoots. Snyder’s vision for Justice League was drastically altered, leading to the famed Snyder Cut. That version of the movie will finally see the light of day next year, when it releases on HBO Max.

Though Justice League was a critical and commercial failure, only recently did a potentially troubling aspect of the reshoots come out. In July, Fisher accused Whedon of “abusive” behavior on set, claiming he was enabled by higher ups at Warner Bros. He later stated former DC Entertainment president Geoff Johns went so far as to threaten his career. For their part, Warner Bros. claims Fisher has refused to take part in the investigation. Despite this, Fisher hasn’t backed down, frequently discussing the matter on social media. Recently, he garnered support from fellow DCEU stars Jason Momoa and Kiersey Clemons.

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Now, Fisher has again discussed his claims about Justice League‘s reshoots and the investigation. In a pair of tweets posted earlier today, the actor suggested the firm Warner Bros. hired is far from “independent,” also accusing the investigator of perpetuating a “false narrative” and “scapegoating.” Check out Fisher’s comments in full below:

Fisher has generated a lot of attention in the last few months with his statements about the Justice League reshoots. His comments have also encouraged some others who worked with Whedon specifically to come forward. As this time, it’s impossible to say what the results of the investigation will be. However, Fisher is essentially claiming the information gathered shouldn’t be trusted, which could be problematic for Warner Bros. The company hasn’t yet made a statement about Fisher’s most recent comments, but it’s possible one is coming.

Despite the many claims Fisher has made about Justice League, he’s reportedly in talks to appear in The Flash movie in 2022. This would place him alongside Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s Batman characters and of course Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen. The Flash news, which came out earlier this month, sheds an interesting light on these and any future comments from Fisher. However, it’s clear the actor isn’t letting a potential role affect his decision to speak out about the Justice League reshoots.

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