Return to Waterdeep in TYCHE'S TORMENT New DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Adventure

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Dungeons & Dragons fans are getting ready to dive into icy adventures via Icewind Dale, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still love for other parts of the Forgotten Realms. Ginny Loveday, Sadie Lowry, and Matthew Whitby have created Tyche’s Torment which not only takes place in the city of Waterdeep, but is also designed to be integrated into Waterdeep: Dragon Heist if you so decide.

The adventure is split into five parts that should last roughly five to eight hours for a party of level five to seven adventurers. There’s quite a bit included in the 50+ pages including maps, NPCs, stat blocks, and so much more.

Welcome to Tyche’s Torment, an adventure set within the heart of Waterdeep. Strange goings-on, spanning from incredible bouts of luck to horrific misfortune, plague the city. It falls to the characters to get at the heart of the mystery and—if luck is on their side—save the day.

You can purchase Tyche’s Torment from DMs Guild for $7.95.




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