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Several of the larger POIs in Fortnite in recent seasons have been the lairs of NPC bosses, and each one contained a special Loot Vault players could gain access to after killing that boss. Fortnite Season 4’s update v14.10 added Stark Industries as a new POI, replacing Frenzy Farms, and added Tony Stark as a new NPC boss. Naturally, genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist Tony Stark would have a Loot Vault at this location full of loot and helpful goodies for players to grab.

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The Stark Industries vault is located in a separate building at the POI from the big glass one, and access is only granted by a keycard like in previous seasons. To get this keycard, players need to make it to the Stark Industries POI, already a popular spot with many fans of the game, and defeat the Stark Robot henchmen there in addition to Stark, who has a few Mythic Weapons to use against players who challenge him. The location is dangerous and difficult, so players may want to consider going in with a Squad to give them the best chance of beating this Avenger and taking some of the great loot to earn a victory royale. Here’s how to access the Stark Industries Loot Vault in Fortnite Season 4.

Like the Authority, Fortilla, or Catty Corner Vaults in Season 3, the Stark Industries Loot Vault is a heavily guarded location. Players will need to prepare for a fight there, both against the henchmen and Tony Stark and against opponents fighting for control there. More than likely, players will not be the first to arrive at Stark Industries, and when they show up, they may not be the only ones going for the Vault. It may take a few matches before players are able to defeat Tony Stark and enter the Vault before other players do.

Players have most often found Stark in a computer lab on the second floor of the building. He uses two Mythic Weapons, Iron Man’s Repulsor Gauntlets and Unibeam, and both are used for close-contact fighting. Players will likely have the best luck defeating him if they keep moving to dodge the blasts and stay a good distance away from him and the weapons. One strategy might be to build outside the building to create a makeshift sniper tower and aim at Stark through the window of the computer lab.

Once Stark has been defeated, players can grab both Mythic Weapons and the keycard. They’ll then need to make their way out of the building to a separate, smaller building on location. To find it, players should exit the main building and look for the smaller building with the satellite dish, antenna, and helicopter landing pad on top. Inside, they’ll find the vault and a kiosk. The keycard can be used at the kiosk to unlock the Vault door, and the player can grab all the goodies inside.

In previous seasons, players have found bugs in the Loot Vaults that allowed them to glitch inside using Choppas. It is not clear yet if that’s possible with the Stark Industries Loot Vault, though some players have managed it using a car or boat. Players will want to be careful using this method; they will be trapped in the Vault until someone else opens it, meaning they might be eliminated on sight. Developers are also likely to fix this glitch in an upcoming patch, as they have in previous seasons.

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Fortnite is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.




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