Game of Thrones: Tyrion Lannister's 5 Best Speeches (& 5 Worst)

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Even in a show known for its riveting characters, there’s no doubt that Tyrion Lannister is truly one of the most valuable characters in Game of Thrones. From the first episode to the last, he played a vital role in the events that shook the foundations of Westeros. Given that this is Tyrion, one of the smartest people in the show (for the most part), it’s not entirely surprising that he would have given quite a few good speeches during his time on the show.

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While some are truly great, there are also some that fall flat (mostly because of bad writing). Just like the show, the speeches can be both overrated and truly brilliant.

10 Best: His Trial Speech

Everyone remembers when Tyrion was put on trial for his supposed assassination of his nephew Joffrey. These are some of the finest episodes in the entire series, and it’s not hard to see why.

One of the best things about them are the moments when Tyrion gets to really show his power as an orator, and in this noteworthy speech he really goes hard for Tywin (who, by this time, has shown that he is a truly hatable character). It’s one of those rare moments when he really challenges his father, and it is one of his finest moments as a character.

9 Worst: The Tysha Story

Anyone who has read the books knows that Tyrion has a hard time living down the memory of his wife Tysha. While the series doesn’t allow Tyrion to be quite as self-indulgent in his memories as the books, it has to be said that his speech when he recollects her presence in her life is definitely not one of his stronger ones.

Though Peter Dinklage does his best with the moment, it ultimately doesn’t really add much to Tyrion’s character.

8 Best: The Speech Before The Battle Of The Blackwater

One of the best things about Tyrion is that he continually thwarts everyone’s expectations of him. Thus, though many dismissed him as a nonentity, he ended up becoming an able battlefield commander when King’s Landing was threatened by the forces of Stannis Baratheon during the Battle of the Blackwater.

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His speech before that confrontation was one of the best that he ever gave in the show, demonstrating why it is that he continues to be a favorite among fans everywhere.

7 Worst: The Speech About The Baby

Tyrion is, without doubt, one of the best orators in Westeros. However, that doesn’t mean that every speech he gives is a winner, and this is one of the worst that he gave. In it, he speaks to Dany about a story he heard about a baby. As it goes on, it becomes pretty clear that he’s talking about her.

It’s not really a very moving speech, and it comes across as more than a little trite (particularly since Dany is also very good at giving speeches). One would think that Tyrion of all people would have been able to come up with something a bit more compelling.

6 Best: His Confession At The Vale

Not only is Tyrion one of the most skilled orators in the Seven Kingdoms, he also has one of the wickedest senses of humor. Nowhere is this better displayed than his speech in the Vale, when he begins to confess a host of “crimes” that he confessed as a youth.

It’s an utterly irreverent moment, an opportunity for him to turn the table on his accusers and reveal them for the rather sanctimonious lot that they are. Unfortunately, they don’t really seem to appreciate his sense of humor.

5 Worst: The Story About Cousin Orson

As much as Tryion hates and resents his sister Cersei (with good reason), he seems to have a bit of a blind spot for Jaime (who returns that blind spot in equal measure).

In a revealing conversation while Tyrion is in prison, they talk about their cousin Orson, who apparently was simple as a result of being dropped on the head. It’s a rather tedious speech, and while it seems to be intended to reveal something profound, it ends up feeling more self-indulgent than anything else.

4 Best: His Talk With Jon

Strange as it may seem, one of the strongest connections between two characters actually appears way back in the beginning of the series, when Jon Snow and Tyrion encounter one another. The best part of the entire speech is when he tells Jon to simply own who he is, to accept and flaunt his bastardy so that no one can try to use it against him.

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It’s one of those periodic reminders that Tyrion is a man of profound feeling and sympathy, and he is always willing to reach out to those that he thinks need it most.

3 Worst: His Pleading With Cersei Before King’s Landing

One would think, given everything that Cersei had done to Tyrion, that he wouldn’t have felt the slightest bit of compunction in doing away with her. That actually turns out now to be the case, however, when he pleads with her at the gates of King’s Landing to come down for the sake of her child.

It’s no doubt supposed to feel moving, but in reality it just feels futile, since the audience, and probably Tyrion as well, knows that it’s going to be less than useless (and, in fact, she does end up dying in the ruins of King’s Landing).

2 Best: His Speech About Dany’s Motivations

By the time that the final season reaches its conclusion, it’s pretty clear that Dany has gone into full megalomaniac mode, leaving it to those that love her the most to stop her before she can destroy herself and everything that they love.

In one of his best speeches, Tyrion lays out the compelling reasons why Jon has to accept that Dany is no longer the person that she was, that she has become so blinded by her desire to make the world a better place that she is now the very monster she thought to defeat.

1 Worst: His Speech About Bran The Broken

Unfortunately, Tyrion’s best speech is also followed up by one of his worst. By the time that the series draws to a close, it’s very unclear who, exactly, will ascend to the throne of the Seven Kingdoms. Tyrion, of course, proposes that Bran do so.

While this speech clearly intends to tie everything up and convince the council to accept Bran, it frankly comes across as a bit ridiculous, and the fact that they agree with Tyrion’s specious reasoning is one of the weaker pieces of writing in the entire show.

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