More EVs by 2050 could save thousands of lives, American Lung Association finds

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More EVs by 2050 could save thousands of lives, American Lung Association finds

America has a pollution problem, especially when it comes to how we get around. From our semi-trucks to trains to school buses to personal cars, we’re emitting too much carbon dioxide. And it’s costing us our health, environment, money, and lives. 

The American Lung Association released its “Road to Clean Air” report early Tuesday with a call to transition to more electric vehicles by 2050 to slow climate change and bring down respiratory illnesses, medical costs, and deaths. 

The health group’s analysis found that if U.S. transportation sources meaningfully electrified, the country could save $72 billion in health costs and 6,300 lives, and prevent 93,000 asthma attacks in the next 30 years. Those numbers were based on data compiled from the ALA’s ongoing research and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency public health tools technical modeling from consultant group ICF. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency puts transportation use as the largest contributor to U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, which accounts for 28 percent of all emissions. Read more…

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