New Story Details Shared For HAPPY DEATH DAY 3, Which We Hope Gets Made!

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Blumhouse’s Happy Death Day franchise currently consists of two fantastically entertaining films and there’s a third one that is kind of just sitting around inside the mind of director Christopher Landon. Hopefully, his vision of the third film gets the greenlight soon!

Actress Jessica Rothe has said she is confident that we’ll see the third get made into a movie one day, and producer Jason Blum is saying that he’s “working overtime” to get the next sequel into development.

In a recent interview, the filmmaker offered an update on the film along with some new details. He also revealed that the working title for Happy Death Day 3 is Happy Death Day To Us, which is a great title for the franchise!

While talking to Empire, Landon explained:

“It’s definitely off to the side at the moment. I wish it wasn’t, and I know that [Jason Blum, producer] is passionate about it, I know I’m very passionate about it, and I know that Jessica Rothe is really eager to do it as well. I wrote the idea for the third movie some time ago. I think we’re all excited by it, because it’s different than the other two films, and so we’re really just crossing our fingers and hoping that our fanbase continues to grow – which is something that I’ve really enjoyed watching over the years, seeing more and more people discover both films. So who knows. There might be a time when it makes sense, and hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.”

He then went on to actually offer some story details, saying:

“The idea for the third film is not set in the same day, if that’s a big spoiler. So it can happen later. We’re not up against a really difficult clock right now. The other movies were hard, because they were set in the exact same day, so everybody had to look the same, be the same. The pressure is off there.”

The story for the first two films featured Rothe in the role of Theresa “Tree” Gelbman, a college student who finds herself caught in a nightmarish Groundhog Day-like time-loop. Then to add on to that craziness, there’s a killer on the loose trying to kill her in that time-loop. The second film then went ahead and introduced alternate dimensions among other fun and weird things. I like that they will be moving the story to later on down the road.

The filmmaker then went on to discuss the potential title for the third movie, saying:

“It does not have the ‘3’ in there! But it’s called Happy Death Day To Us. That is the working title.”

I’m sure one day we will see this movie get made, but I don’t know how much longer we’ll have to wait.




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