Rocky 4 Director’s Cut Fan Poster Highlights Balboa’s Fight With Ivan Drago

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A talented Instagram creator has envisioned a Rocky IV director’s cut poster, which puts the fight between Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago front and center. Sylvester Stallone’s 1976 Rocky catapulted him to fame when the movie was released; the film not only earned an Oscar Award for Best Picture but set one of the most iconic cinema franchises in history into motion.

The fight between Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago is arguably one of the most memorable parts of Rocky IV. Considering the film was released in 1985 at the peak of the Cold War, it’s no surprise that political undertones played into the movie’s narrative. Even so, the excitement and thrill of watching Rocky Balboa square off against the 261-pound Soviet Union fighter Ivan Drago has certainly endured the test of time throughout the years.

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Instagram artist bosslogic is one fan that seems to agree with this sentiment, as his incredible fan poster for Stallone’s Rocky IV director’s cut features Rocky and Ivan’s fight. The poster has “IV” emblazoned so large that it takes up the majority of the poster space. In a brilliant creative choice, bosslogic filters everything within the “IV” in red, which is where viewers can glimpse Rocky on the left, throwing a perfect punch that seemingly just caught Ivan in the jaw. The stars and stripes of the American flag also linger over the image of Rocky, whereas Ivan has the Soviet Union’s symbol across his chest. You can catch this amazing fan poster below:

Bosslogic’s design is accompanied by a caption, where the creator states that he made the poster after completing a Rocky movie marathon and discovering that Stallone was planning on releasing a director’s cut of Rocky IV. While Stallone has been largely silent about progress on the director’s cut thus far, he did promise in an Instagram reply to a fan that this new version of Rocky IV will be “amazing.” Even if there’s not much to go off, Stallone’s comment was still eagerly received by fans, many of whom are ready to see Rocky step back into the ring.

Although Stallone stated that he was leaving the Rocky franchise in 2018, it’s clear Rocky Balboa will always have a special place in Stallone’s heart. Now, news of Rocky IV‘s director’s cut has reinvigorated fans, especially since it means diving into a different side of the film than one that’s already been seen before. While it’s unclear when Stallone plans on revealing more information about the new cut, creators like bosslogic have already hit the ground running when it comes to paying homage to an incredible film.

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Source: bosslogic/Instagram




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