The reign of the mighty air fryer is more than just hot air

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The reign of the mighty air fryer is more than just hot air

If you’ve followed any quarantine kitchen trends (hello sourdough), you probably know that air fryers are hot right now. Whether cooking or ordering takeout is more your jam, air fryers make food prep hard to mess up. 

Selling like hot cakes — and making them too

Air fryers are the new cool kid in the kitchen. Their popularity has increased tenfold in the past two years, selling at a rate of around four million in the U.S. per year.  

By circulating hot air, air fryers produce crispy food without the need for much oil or any oil at all depending on the recipe; the outside gets a yummy crunch, while the inside stays juicy. Unlike the hot mess of a deep fryer or frying pans, they’re tidy appliances that take up very little counterspace, and produce the same or arguably better results if you’re trying to eat healthier. They also won’t smoke up your apartment like an old-school oven.  Read more…

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