Thorny Games Looks to Create New and Unique Games Like XENOLANGUAGE

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Tabletop gaming is in the middle of a renaissance. Well, Thorny Games wants to really set themselves apart. They’ve already released a couple of games like the award-winning Dialect and have a new game coming out soon called Xenolanguage. The interesting thing to me is that all of their games have to do with language. In Xenolanguage, you and the other players try to figure out the language of some newly arrived aliens.

Xenolanguage is a tabletop story game about first contact with alien life, messy human relationships and what happens when they mix together. At its core, you explore your pivotal relationships with others on the mission as you uncover meaning in an alien language.

You play as a group of scientists bound together through a shared past with unsettled questions. Your task is to understand why the aliens have come and what they are trying to tell us. You will soon discover the key to understanding lies in your memories together.

Thorny Games is led by Kathryn Hymes and Hakan Seyalıoğlu and look to “challenge players to create their own unique narratives.” These definitely sound very interesting. Xenolanguage will be released this Fall.




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