90 Day Fiancé: Are David Murphey & Lana Still Together?

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Lana’s fishy behavior with David Murphey on 90 Day Fiancé led everyone to think he was being catfished. Every moment with David on the TLC show may have felt like a guessing game, but at the end of season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Lana shocked everyone. Is the 60-year-old David still with his Ukrainian love? Here’s everything to know about David’s twisted tale.

Las Vegas retiree David stepped into the world of reality with relationship baggage and a love for cats. In choosing Slavic beauties over the Americans who’d broken his heart in the past, David met the 27-year-old Lana on a Ukrainian dating website. Claiming Lana was “aggressively interested” in him, the 90 Day Fiancé star spent over $100,000 on the website’s chat rooms for his foreign love. However, after seven years of talking online and getting ghosted on multiple trips to Ukraine, David and Lana had still not met. The catfishing rumors intensified in the 90 Day Fiancé fan community as they saw David hire an investigator, Sergey, to “validate that Lana was who he thought she was” after her address turned out to be fake. David’s investigator too believed that it was a scam and revealed that Lana was on “seven or eight different dating websites.” Sergey was fired by the infatuated David who on his fifth Ukraine trip was finally blessed by Lana’s visit. Confessing her real name was Svetlana, Lana went on a bowling date with the 90 Day Fiancé star and communicated with him via a translator app. After gifting his lady-love an iPhone for better communication, David surprised TLC fans by asking her to marry him. She said “Yes,” but unfortunately that’s where their 90 Day Fiancé journey ended.

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The computer programmer showed up on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days‘ season 4 cast Tell-All in May, where he confessed Lana was “going through hell” due to her portrayal on the show. Lana’s long manicured fingers made it impossible for her to use the iPhone’s keyboard, so she preferred chatting on the website. Conversely, she also continued talking to other men online, and David confessed to having spent only around $3k to $4k on Lana. “Right now, I would say we are not together. I’m not going to say we won’t be together in the future, but right now, we are not. She is just underway too much stress with what’s going on with the show and the people that bother her,” David revealed before adding he didn’t care if Lana was using him for a green card.

The 90 Day Fiancé star shockingly admitted to having dated 30 other girls in Ukraine apart from being engaged to two during his seven years with Lana. David, who was engaged to two more American women prior to meeting Lana, disclosed his plans to retire and move to Ukraine or travel there once a month. 17 months in Ukraine makes it feel like home to David, who also remained hopeful about making his romance with Lana work in the future.

On August 9, David shared a picture from his retirement party captioned, “It’s official. Last Thursday.” Even then the 90 Day Fiancé celeb defended Lana in the comments by saying, “You don’t know Lana,” and “She was exactly as I expected and gave me more and more every day.” Meanwhile, in an Instagram Live a week ago (captured by 90 Day Fiancé Forever), David hinted at making a return to the reality show when asked about his post-retirement plans to buy an RV. “No, I haven’t bought the RV yet. I’m not gonna say anything especially about that because that’s in a future show,” confessed David and shared that he and Lana were very much on speaking terms. Lana too, who just made an Instagram, could be suggesting a possible return to 90 Day Fiancé. After all, stranger things have happened.

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90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8pm EST on TLC.

Source: RealityTVWorld, David Murphey/Instagram, Svetlana/Instagram, 90DayFianceForever/Instagram




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