Henry Cavill's Black Suit Superman Flies Through Space In Fan Art

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New fan art shows Henry Cavill’s black suit Superman flying through space. Cavill’s character has been an important part of the DC Extended Universe since its inception. In fact, he launched the franchise with 2013’s Man of Steel. After that solo film, Cavill went on to star in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Though the latter was famously a disappointment, audiences saw the potential in the film. Some began campaigning for the release of director Zack Snyder’s original cut of Justice League. After fans and Snyder himself generated enough excitement for his version, WarnerMedia announced earlier this year it will debut on HBO Max.

Superman’s role in Justice League has been a big topic of discussion. His arc is expected to be quite different in Snyder’s cut, with the first trailer for the movie revealing changes to his resurrection storyline. He’ll also wear the black suit in the film, sometimes called the Recovery or Regeneration Suit. Considering his death in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, many thought this would happen in Justice League‘s theatrical cut, but it didn’t come to pass. A clip released earlier this summer offered a quick look at Superman’s black suit in action, which only increased anticipation for its appearance in the Snyder Cut.

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In the last several months especially, many fan artists have offered their take on Cavill’s black suit Superman. The latest work comes from popular artist spdrmnkyxxiii. In the image, Cavill’s Superman is seen flying high above the Earth, making for an impressive visual. Check out the fan art below:

The black suit is extremely important in the comics, worn whenever Superman’s powers are weakened. Though it’s disappointing the suit hasn’t yet played a major role in the DCEU, at least Snyder’s version of Justice League will rectify that. Reaction to the suit has so far been positive, though initial looks at it have been quite brief. Hopefully, the black suit’s full appearance in the Snyder Cut lives up to the hype.

Other changes are expected during Superman’s fight with the rest of the Justice League. For example, Superman’s infamous “do you bleed?” line won’t be in the new version of the movie, with Snyder saying the quote “literally makes no sense.” It will be interesting to see what other major differences to Superman‘s storyline await audiences. Unfortunately, many changes won’t be revealed until the Snyder Cut of Justice League debuts next year.

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Source: spdrmnkyxxiii




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