Jim Carrey Has Signed On to Play Joe Biden in Season 46 of SNL This Fall

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In weird and fun casting news, Saturday Night Live has landed Jim Carrey to play presidential candidate Joe Biden this fall on the show’s 46th season. The long-running live comedy show always has a commentary on the current political events of the country, so with the election happening this year, it was time for them to get a full time Biden. Alec Baldwin has long been playing Donald Trump for the show, and it will be fun to see what the great impressionist Carrey does with the role of Biden.

SNL finished out season 45 with a handful of virtual episodes due to the social distancing measures pushed by the pandemic, but NBC has stated that the show will head back to Rockefeller Center to record the 46th season live in front of a “limited in-studio audience”. It will be nice to see the cast head back to the studio, and begin a path of somewhat normalcy for fans to enjoy. I’m excited to get back to it.

Do you think Jim Carrey will make a good Joe Biden? Saturday Night Live will premiere its 46th season on NBC beginning on October 3rd.




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