PS4 Dreams Creation Looks Shockingly Real & Is Blowing Players' Minds

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A PlayStation 4 player has used Dreams to make a level that looks stunningly close to real life. Dreams is a content creation system released earlier this year for the PS4. It allows players to build and share their own games, and even has a VR feature to add a new level of immersion to the platform’s vast library of user-generated content. Despite Dreams‘ excruciatingly long development cycle, it was very well received and got high reviews from a number of critics, including Screen Rant’s own.

As can be expected from a platform like Dreams, which sets few limits beyond one’s own creativity, players have been making some truly impressive creations. A lot of Dreams fans have been using the engine to try their hand at recreating beloved video games like Fall Guys or The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. One particularly creative player has even started using the game’s VR mode to recreate beloved Disney attractions like Space Mountain and the Indiana Jones Adventure, in an attempt to keep the Disney magic alive during the COVID-19 quarantine.

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But one user has been taking the power of the Dreams platform to a whole new level. YouTuber Bad Robo is working on a very ambitious Dreams project with a level of true-to-life detail that’s practically unrivaled, even by the most expensive AAA hits. Bad Robo’s most recent creation, A Walk In The Park, is presented in a two and a half minute long video that, as the title suggests, features a walk in the park. The trees and bushes surrounding the player look alarmingly real, as do the buildings looming in the background. If someone saw a screenshot of this video, they could easily mistake it for a real-life photograph, at least at first glance. But Bad Robo’s dedication to realism doesn’t stop there; as the player explores this shockingly realistic space, the sound design sells the illusion in a big way. Leaves crunch underfoot, birds sing in the distance, and the wind rustles realistically through the trees. Check it out below.

One has to wonder how long even this brief jaunt through the woods took to put together. The attention to detail is stunning, and it looks like nothing’s been overlooked. Everything’s been fleshed out, right down to graffiti carved into one of the flagstones on a garden wall. Even the buildings in the distance look fully realized. Not a lot of Dreams creations have anywhere near this level of polish. Some of them are downright janky, like an infamous Fall Guys remake.

It’s always fascinating to see what people get inspired to create when they’re given the right tools. The video game industry has long been a powerful outlet for creativity, especially with open sandbox games like Minecraft, where someone has recently launched a project to replicate the entire planet inside the iconic game. A platform like Dreams, which was designed explicitly for fans to create things, is sure to yield masterful projects like this one. Fans are sure to be eagerly awaiting Bad Robo’s next masterwork, but if they keep working with this level of detail, it will certainly take a while to appear.

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Source: Bad Robo/YouTube




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