PS5 Price Seemingly Confirmed By Retailer Leak Ahead Of Showcase

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One of the biggest retailers in Spain has seemingly leaked the price of the PlayStation 5, with an internal inventory system confirming that the two models will cost €499.90 ($590) and €399.90 ($472), but those high prices likely won’t convert directly into USD – however, they are telling. Fans will no doubt get an official confirmation about the price and launch details of the next-gen console later today when Sony hosts a new PS5 showcase. The event is expected to see the tech giant wrestle back some momentum from Microsoft following the Xbox Series S and X reveals last week.

Although the PS5 will likely release in just a few week’s time, very little is actually known about the console. What Sony has revealed so far is that there will be two versions of the console, one of which will be a cheaper and smaller digital edition that does not contain a disc drive. Unlike the Xbox Series S, though, leaks suggest that the digital-only PS5 will not be a downgrade in terms of performance but rather just a smaller and less clunky system thanks to its sleeker design.

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A Spanish retailer may have accidentally revealed the price of the PlayStation 5. Twitter user AllGamesDelta_ has posted screenshots from El Corte Inglés that suggests that there are two versions of the next-gen console that are priced at €499.90 and €399.90 respectively. The prices are available on the store’s internal pricing system and match up with the already confirmed price of the Xbox Series X console. This suggests that Sony’s next-gen system will cost $499 USD, with the cheaper digital edition of the PS5 priced at $399 if a similar regional price conversion to Microsoft’s is used. Of course, there’s also the possibility that these are just placeholder prices and are not official prices, but they do correlate nicely with previous leaks and murmurs.

Earlier this week, Sony faced accusations that the PS5’s production had been hit with a series of problems that would likely affect the number of consoles that could be manufactured in time for its release later this year. A series of rumors alleged that Sony had been forced to cut the number of systems available at launch by up to four million units. The long-lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic apparently made certain parts used within the production of the next-gen console more scarce. However, the company quickly denied these rumors and revealed that the production number for the PS5 has not changed.

Leaks like this one always have to be taken with a pinch of salt. Retailers often add items to inventory lists with placeholder prices that can be quickly edited once an official price has been confirmed by the manufacturer. That could very well be the case here. But with Sony expected to announce the cost of the PlayStation 5 in just a few hour’s time, it would not be a surprise if it closely matched the Xbox Series X. Otherwise, Microsoft’s next-gen system would have a distinct advantage due to having a lower price.

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The PlayStation 5 will be available in Holiday 2020.

Source: AllGamesDelta_




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