The Samsung Galaxy Tab E is on sale for $70 off at Best Buy

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab E is on sale for $70 off at Best Buy

TL;DR: Treat yourself to a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6″ 16GB for just $129.99, a $70 savings as of Sept. 16. 

In a world that is iPad-obsessed, we’re here to show some love to the Android fans out there. 

If you’ve been wanting a convenient tablet to have by your side, but just can’t force yourself to get into iOS, this Samsung Galaxy tablet may be just the thing. 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E features a 9.6″ display that’s compact enough to bring with you wherever you go while still offering clear and bright resolution. Use it to play games, watch movies, or even finish up those work emails. 

Plus, its dual HD cameras make face-to-face chatting easy — and fast. Its quad-core processor is built for rapid multitasking that delivers smooth responses without any loading time.  Read more…

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