Wolverine's New Comic is Going Back To His Beginnings

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Wolverine‘s anniversary comic is going back to his beginning, in an adventure that sees Logan cross paths with his old Team X colleague Maverick. When Wolverine made has debut as an Incredible Hulk villain, no readers could have expected him to become one of the X-Men – let alone the most recognizable X-Man of them all. Chris Claremont saw Wolverine as the embodiment of the battle between animal instincts and a desire for honor, and Wolverine’s inner conflict made his stories dramatic and remarkably identifiable.

He may be a mutant, but in truth nowadays Wolverine has a presence almost as great as the rest of the X-Men put together. Wolverine’s death was seen as a key moment in the history of the entire Marvel Universe, and his resurrection story drew in everyone from the Avengers to Daredevil. Wolverine joined up with the New Avengers team as the one man who would do what needs to be done, and he’s even been part of the Fantastic Four. But this December, Logan hits another milestone.

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December’s Wolverine #8 will be his milestone 350th anniversary issue, an oversized special written by Benjamin Percy and with art from longtime Wolverine artist Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdanovic. This is intended to serve as a celebration of everything Wolverine has stood for, as well as a launchpad for the next wave of Wolverine stories. Apparently a secret enemy will begin making moves against Wolverine’s old Task Force X team, and Logan’s investigation will lead him to cross paths with his old colleague Maverick. “I’m not going to reveal too much about what’s behind the curtain,” Percy observed in an official statement from Marvel Comics, “but get ready for an enemy I’ve been geeked to write since I first got the job. Legacy House is coming. And X-fans… know that we’re not only headed to Madripoor, but we’re bringing back a character you’ve all been missing: Maverick! So as soon as the dust and blood settles after X OF SWORDS, be sure to get your SNIKT on with WOLVERINE #350.

This is definitely a milestone to celebrate, and Percy intends to do it in style. It will be interesting to see how some of Wolverine’s old Task Force X colleagues fit into the House of X era, particularly Maverick, a mutant who was depowered in the Decimation – but could potentially regain his abilities through the X-Men’s Resurrection Protocols. There sound to be a number of flashback elements to this story, and if so that’s a smart move; it could potentially allow Marvel to retroactively seed some of the ideas behind Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men relaunch back through the franchise’s history.

2020 is a milestone year for DC Comics as well, with the release of this week’s Detective Comics #1,000. It’s interesting to see the different approaches taken by the two comic book publishers; both have chosen oversized issues, but DC chose to honor Batman’s history in a different way, by releasing an (excellent) anthology issue. It will be interesting to compare the two issues when Wolverine #8 releases in December.

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