Xbox Made a Song About Game Pass, & We're Not Sure If We Love Or Hate It

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First launched in 2017, Xbox Game Pass has given players access to a wide range of titles on both Xbox consoles and PCs, with new games being added every month. While the service isn’t exactly a major cash draw for Microsoft at the moment, the company sees it as a valuable asset in the long term, with it set to be a key driving force for the upcoming Xbox Series X when it launches in November. Starting today, players with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and the right hardware will be able to play through the service’s extensive library on their phones, including hits like Halo and DIRT 4.

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To celebrate this, the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account posted a strange musical advertisement earlier this afternoon. The featured song, titled “So Many Games,” is a catchy techno beat with a German-accented singer extolling the virtues of Xbox Game Pass and its many available games for mobile devices. Accompanying the music is an image montage of people playing Xbox on their phones, at least until it shifts to animals dancing towards the end. It’s all very surreal, yet infectious at the same time. Check it out below:

Of course, today’s Xbox Game Pass news wouldn’t have been possible without Microsoft’s xCloud subscription service, which was teased at E3 2018 before being officially announced last October. The service went into beta testing in the months that followed, with Microsoft promising such features as the ability to use a PlayStation 4 DualShock controller and transfer their game saves between their phones and their consoles. Response to xCloud has been optimistic so far, but some players have noted a few compatibility issues with certain Xbox One controllers.

Game companies making surreal social media content to promote new products and services is nothing new (just ask former PS4 spokesman Kevin Butler), but the Xbox Game Pass song is especially weird. Between the strange lyrics and the even stranger visuals, it certainly will have fans talking for quite some time. On the other hand, the song itself is actually quite catchy and energetic, and it drives home the main point of the ad effectively. In any case, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is now available for streaming on mobile devices thanks to xCloud, and subscribers can now readily enjoy “so many games” anywhere they wish.                           

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