Life Is Strange Dev Dontnod’s Twin Mirror Releases This December

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From the developer of the highly acclaimed Life Is Strange comes its latest project, Twin Mirror, which just got a release date of December 1 in a new trailer. Dontnod Entertainment will now be releasing two games before the year is over, the other (being published by Xbox Game Studios) is called Tell Me Why, currently being released in the studio’s well-known episodic fashion.

Partnering with Bandai Namco Entertainment, Dontnod’s Twin Mirror will be an adventure game with a blood-pumping psychological thriller vein running through it. The game follows the story of a former investigative journalist named Sam who has returned to his hometown, Basswood, West Virginia after the death of his best friend. What follows is a hunt for clues with a twist that seem to adhere to Dontnod’s usual brand of realism fused with unnatural goings-on.

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The launch date announcement trailer, found on Xbox’s Youtube channel, shows Sam using his investigate powers and his incredibly detailed mind palace to piece a mystery together. It seems that the player can enter Sam’s mind palace at points of memory or when a clue is found and his thoughts and ideas are displayed with a glassy design where players can interact with objects and see Sam’s hunches that his inner voice, Double, can play out in front of players. The trailer shows a beautiful landscape that Sam must explore as it slowly disintegrates until it is unclear what is icy thoughts or memories and what is real life. Sam’s alter ego, Double, does not help Sam’s fading reality as the trailer shows him fighting with Double to regain hold of his mental state and overcome his inner demons.

The trailer shows glimpses of other characters that are important in Sam’s life somehow, and players can choose who they talk to. Depending on the state of Sam’s investigation, there are multiple endings to unlock, similar to Life Is Strange and Dontnod’s other new game, Tell Me Why, where player choices determine the story and its endings. Another theme running through all these games is the revisiting of the past, however, Twin Mirror has a much darker tone and seems to be aimed at an older audience. It is not episodic but throws the whole game at players at once, and the game is not afraid to show a less subtle, more frantic atmosphere, as opposed to Life Is Strange. 

After Dontnod’s success with Life Is Strange, expectations are pretty high for Twin Mirror. Sticking to the same storytelling formula is a wise decision, and the story certainly seems intriguing. The ability to interact more with environment is an improvement for keeping players immersed, so it’s possible that Dontnod fans have another dilemma-filled narrative to look forward this holiday season.

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Source: Xbox

Twin Mirror will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on December 1, 2020.




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