Eowyn’s Line In ‘Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King’ Is Still The Most Powerful Line Of All Time

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The Lord Of The Rings trilogy has been around for almost two decades now, and the last part of the trilogy, The Return Of The King, was released seventeen years ago. To say that the trilogy stood the test of time would be an understatement, especially knowing the fact that The Return Of The King is still the movie with the highest number of Oscars won. The three films are a part of modern history that will never be erased, and the storyline, characters, and special effects used are still considered the golden standard in cinematography. What still gets me the most, though, is a single line in The Return Of The King.

As Frodo and Sam are still traveling towards Mordor to destroy the One Ring and beat Sauron forever, they run into an old mate of them named Shelob.

As King Theoden and the Rohirrim army are marching towards Gondor, they’re accompanied by two extra soldiers, Eowyn and Merry.

Eowyn is initially told by King Theoden to stay behind so she can reign in his place if they lose the battle, and he also forbids Merry to go along his soldiers because he believes hobbits do not belong in battles. Eowyn, however, is one courageous girl, and she grabs a helmet and a horse and goes into the battle with Merry. As Theoden’s army arrived into the battle, Eowyn and Merry face thousands and thousands of orcs and soldiers.

King Theoden is surrounded by orcs and is left badly wounded. Eowyn can’t watch her uncle lose the battle like that, so she decides to face the almost-unbeatable Witch King – the leader of the Orcs, and as she manages to take off his head, she’s knocked down by his giant mace.

The Witch-King tries to take down Eowyn and berates her by saying: “You fool. No man can take me down.”

It’s at this point that Eowyn gets up her feet, takes off her helmet, and delivers one of the best lines in movie history:

“I am no man” – she yells, as she takes the Witch King from behind.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the most iconic and inspirational quotes in history, and its cultural impact has remained unmatched.

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