810-horsepower Hyundai prototype, Rolls-Royce EV, Polestar Precept production: Today's Car News

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Polestar Precept conceptHyundai’s commitment to electric mobility will extend to the automaker’s N performance division, as demonstrated by the RM20e prototype. The 810-horsepower electric sports car doesn’t preview a specific model but serves as a development mule for future technologies. After years of sitting on the sidelines, Rolls-Royce has finally announced it is…




Lindsey Graham on Amy Coney Barrett: 'She is now on the court. Mission accomplished.'

The Republican-controlled U.S. Senate handed impeached and manifestly nuts president Donald Trump a big pre-election political win today. The GOP-led Senate...

Dancing With the Stars: Tyra Banks Responds To Rumored Housewives Ban

Tyra Banks, the new host of Dancing With The Stars, is speaking out against the rumors she allegedly banned ladies from the Real...

The Mandalorian Gets Retro-Style Star Wars Figures & Monopoly Game for Mando Mondays

Hasbro has unveiled their upcoming retro Star Wars action figures for The Mandalorian. The set of retro figures includes The Mandalorian,...