Cyberpunk 2077’s Dystopian Quadra Sports Car Becomes Reality

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Drink too many Rockstar Energy drinks while playing video games and you just might find yourself confusing the digital world with the real one. That’s one theory behind the creation of this video game car come to life. Another is that it simply looked too rad to leave to the virtual realm.

Dubbed the Quadra, this seemingly post-apocalyptic sports car cribs its name and styling from vehicles featured in the upcoming (and highly anticipated) video game Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world action title set in a dystopian city. Credit Rockstar Energy’s Rockstar Performance Garage for bringing the Quadra to life.

Starting with a low-mileage (just 37,000 miles!) 1970 Ford Mustang fitted with a 4.9-liter V-8, the team at the Rockstar Performance Garage made myriad updates to alter the old muscle car’s looks and performance. Notably, the car sports a large grille—replete with a Quadra badge—that covers the headlights, modern fog and reverse lights, a custom “Quadra Yellow” wrap with contrasting black elements, and a set of black-painted Rotiform wheels. 

This old Mustang—er, Quadra—also has chassis upgrades to match its showy exterior. Although Rockstar Performance Garage kept the original V-8 in place, the team updated it with modern items such as fuel injection, a pair of 3.0-inch K&N air filters, and a Magnaflow dual-exhaust system. A 9.0-inch rear end, a coilover suspension setup, disc brakes at all four corners, and a set of sticky Mickey Thompson tires ensure the Quadra is equally adept at accelerating, cornering, and shedding speed.



Strap yourself into one of the car’s custom seats and you’ll spot a number of Quadra-specific changes to this Mustang’s interior, including carbon-fiber décor, a custom three-spoke steering wheel, a Kicker audio system, and an updated gauge cluster with multiple, adjustable lighting schemes (Quadra Yellow is the default setup). 

Want a Quadra of your own? Then we have good news: Rockstar Energy is giving this custom coupe away. If you’re not much of a video-game fan, then there’s always the option to remove the Quadra’s custom grille and graphics and drive it around as the sweet Mustang restomod it truly is. For your chance to win the car, head to this site and enter codes found under the tab on special Rockstar x Cyberpunk cans of the energy drink.

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