Netflix Reportedly Locks in THE WITCHER Season 3 and Is Creating Spinoff Shows

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The first season of The Witcher got a lot of praise from fans and it ended up being a big hit for the streaming service. The second season is currently in production, and it looks like Netflix is planning ahead for the fantasy adventure epic.

Redanian Intelligence has pointed out that a third season of the show has been added to the Writers Guild of America database, which seemingly confirms that a third season is locked and ready to go. They just have yet to officially announce it.

That’s not all, though!  According to a report from insider Daniel Ritchman, Netflix is also currently working on spinoff shows for The Witcher universe. They say that one of those spinoffs being considered would focus on mages, which would allow for the creative team to play with the witches and sorceresses in the universe.

There are no details on what we can expect from the spinoff, but there’s certainly a lot to explore in this world! As you know, The Brotherhood of Sorcerers played a big part of the first season, and if this spinoff series moves forward, it will be cool to see how they play with the mages further.

None of this is 100% set in stone, plans can obviously change in time, but I do hope that the world of The Witcher continues to grow on Netflix!




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