Snorlax's MASSIVE New Plushie Will Leave Fans' Wallets Hungry

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Nintendo is selling preposterously large plushies of beloved sleepy Pokémon Snorlax, and they come with an equally preposterous price tag. Despite not being quite as much of an icon as the world-renowned Pikachu, Snorlax is a very popular Pokémon in its own right, and consistently amuses players by showing up fast asleep right in the middle of the critical path of the game. It’s an obstacle, but an endearing one, and also a rewarding one if fans are able to catch the titanic beast.

Pokémon is one of the most famous video game franchises in the world, and Nintendo has never been shy about marketing that fact. Thanks to the long-running Pokémon trading card game, the beloved RPG has a bigger presence in the real world than most other Nintendo properties. But trading cards are far from the only form of merchandise players can expect to find. Pokémon is at its core a series about collecting, and the philosophy is very present in the real world thanks to action figures, fashion accessories, keychains, and, of course, stuffed animals.

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NintendoSoup (via Game Rant) has discovered that Pokémon Thailand is offering two different sizes of Snorlax plushie, both for outlandish prices. The smaller plushie, which is still a hefty 35 inches tall, is being offered for 4,595 Bahn, which comes out to about $145 USD. The larger model stands at a towering 59 inches, and is being sold for 22,500 Bahn, or about $712 USD. Both plushies are available for preorder right now, but American Pokémon fans with deep pockets should be aware that at the time of this writing these huggable behemoths will only ship to Thailand.

Of all the Pokémon to receive a plush treatment this extravagant, Snorlax is an understandable choice. The creature’s laid-back attitude and unending love of sleep makes it an ideal bedtime companion, and it’s easily one of the most huggable Pokémon in the franchise’s vast roster. Snorlax has a rich history among Game Freak staff, and it’s been delighting fans since the very beginning. There are sure to be plenty of fans in Thailand who’ll jump at the opportunity to snuggle up with Pokémon‘s sleepiest pocket monster, and maybe if enough people do, Nintendo will market the cuddly titan in the US next.

The Pokémon roster is chock full of lovable creatures of all shapes and sizes, and one of the most endearing things about the franchise and its community is that everyone has their own favorite. Products like this titanic Snorlax plushie are a great way for fans to show their love for their favorite sleepy companion. They just need to pay a hefty sum for the privilege of snuggling up with this truly tremendous Pokémon.

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Source: NintendoSoup (via Game Rant)




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