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Mr. Robot is a wonderful show filled with interesting and unique personalities that leave the viewer never knowing what’s real and what’s fake. These personalities all come together to create a beautiful show with hacking at its epicenter while still keeping fans hooked with its mind games, crime, and often unexpected deaths. Nevertheless, without such well written and unique characters, Mr. Robot wouldn’t be the show it is today.

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However, while these characters are certainly original and unpredictable, they all still fit into an MBTI® personality category. Your MBTI® is a small personality test to help the reader learn more about themselves which makes it perfect for seeing what Mr. Robot character you’re most alike.

10 Angela Moss: ISTJ

Angela Moss was always a supportive friend to Elliot but never seemed to truly understand what he was going through. An ISTJ is someone who is strong-willed and stubborn, they always do things by the book and struggle to see things from another perspective. This is exactly like Angela when the viewers see her refusing to bow down to anyone and (for a while) succeeding at her job as an account executive in charge of E Corp’s security contract.

She is extremely strong-willed and often seen as the one who follows the rules. However, just like an ISTJ, she can go away from that at times, as long as she thinks she is in the right.

9 Tyrell Wellick: ENTJ

Tyrell Wellick begins season 1 as the villain and what often looks like a new age Patrick Bateman. He is constantly seen as an efficient and often cold husband, businessman, and well, killer. When most fans think of Tyrell they don’t like what they see, they may not initially think of the word Commander but when evaluated it certainly makes sense that he possesses the qualities of an ENTJ, and therefore commander.

ENTJs are efficient and energetic, they get the job done no matter what, and use their strong-willed personality to overcome any obstacle in their way which can often make them appear intolerant or cold towards the opposition. While it should be mentioned that being an ENTJ doesn’t make you as evil as Wellick, it’s certainly a personality that fits Tyrell like a glove.

8 Joanna Wellick: INFP

Just like her husband, Joanna is determined and a little cold. However, she manages to keep her cool under pressure and seems to be pretty calm and collected when she needs to act quickly or fix her husband’s mistakes.

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An INFP is usually the one to step in and control a problem when it comes charging at them, they are hardworking, open-minded, and often a closed book to keep from letting too many people come in and cause more hassle. While Joanna is anything but selfless, many other INFPs are, and it can be their downfall. Perhaps Joanna realized that and pushed past this flaw to become the calculating and cold woman fans know her to be.

7 Phillip Price: ENTP

Mr. Robot was filled with a variety of villains that just made fans’ blood boil on occasion. Phillip Price was no exception. He was the definition of an evil CEO and continued to dominate the beloved characters for the first 2 seasons before slightly jumping to the good side, although it was never enough for fans to truly forgive him.

To be a CEO of somewhere like E Corp, you must possess some qualities that are similar to ENTPs, such as quick thinking and knowledgeable. Just like Phillip Price, ENTPs are often argumentative and always need to be the most powerful in the room. They use knowledge to their advantage and make others see points from different perspectives, just like Price.

6 Whiterose: INFJ

Whiterose is easily one of the most interesting villains Mr. Robot has to offer. She is mysterious and incredibly powerful, which makes her a perfect candidate for an INFJ. This is because they are both so passionate about their craft and ideals. They will both follow their goals to the ends of the earth and with incredible determination.

The reason this personality suits so well is because, although Whiterose is a villain, she is somewhat inspiring due to how mysterious and badass she can be. These traits perfectly align with an INFJ, making this pairing perfect.

5 Krista Gordon: ESFJ

As Elliot’s therapist, Krista was supposed to have a sizeable impact on the story and could have prevented a fair amount of events in the story. However, it doesn’t matter how successful she was, she still pushed through and kept her composure to complete and succeed at her job. One of the main traits that ESFJs have is a strong sense of duty. They know what they are supposed to do and will use that determination to ultimately succeed.

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Krista and ESFJs are both extremely warm and caring. Throughout the show, Krista stayed kind and warm to Elliot, no matter how frustrating it was. She was selfless and never took criticism well at all, making her a perfect ESFJ.

4 Cisco: ENFP

Cisco was an underrated character that deserved so much more than he got. He was curious, observant, caring, and often rather emotional compared to the rest of the characters. He may be a bad guy at the end of the day but most fans had a bit of a soft spot for Cisco and didn’t want his story to end so abruptly.

While he may have had little screentime, it is still possible to get a good judgment of his character and line him up as an ENFP. This is due to the emotional vulnerability Cisco possesses and how he often let his curiosity get the better of him which led to some rather problematic situations. The first time you meet him doing something bad is when he hacks into Ollie’s computer using a CD and while observant isn’t really the first word that comes to mind, he knew who to prey on and watched carefully for Ollie to slip up. He knew what he was doing.

3 Darlene Alderson: ISFP

Darlene easily fits into ISFP, especially when fans learn of the many adventures she had in her childhood. However, these weren’t the fun camping types and more the running away to protect her cat and being kidnapped for a few days. Nevertheless, she possesses enough ISFP traits to safely place her in this personality.

Both are extremely independent and can often be unpredictable because of how set in their ways they are. They hate being in the same place for too long and hate being tied down, like when Cisco tried to propose to Darlene. Understandable for an ISFP she was terrified of this idea and ran from it. She can be passionate and sensitive to new ideas and change but will happily make the changes herself, as long as it’s under her terms.

2 Elliot Alderson: INTP

As the protagonist and the antagonist of the show, Elliot struggles with a lot of mental health issues and, is often rather unpredictable because of his disorder. Despite being seen as unpredictable and ‘unstable’, Elliot still comes under INTP purely because of how imaginative and private he is.

As most viewers see from the first episode, Elliot is an extremely introverted person, preferring to stick behind a screen and stay an incredibly private person. However, due to being so imaginative, intelligent, and enthusiastic about fishing out the bad guys, he is willing to meet in person to watch them get taken down.

1 Mr. Robot: ESTP

Mr. Robot is the polar opposite of Elliot, yet because they are the same person, they still share that inherent bond and combined traits that neither can shake. For this pair that is enthusiasm. On multiple occasions, Mr. Robot is seen to be extremely passionate and enthusiastic about his ideas, so much so that it is often seen as being impatient or defiant.

However, he is actually bold and extraverted, preferring to socialize than stay behind a screen. He isn’t afraid to cause some havoc and can be extremely impatient when things don’t go his way, just like an ESTP.

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