50 Shades of Scary

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Black Bear Pass near Ingram Falls
Telluride CO 3,000 ft. below

So you think this presidential election is scary.  

You think Halloween is nothing compared to a government that flaunts its Covid bravado.

You feel a knot in your stomach when the president can’t denounce QAnon or the Cutiepie Boys (I won’t even repeat the real name of these thugs). 

You cringe when it takes several tries to get dt to say anything faintly against white supremacy.

Well, to cheer you up and distract you from these national horrors, let’s take a Jeep ride.

First let’s look at the cliff where a Jeep Wrangler fell off a popular road past spectacular waterfalls near Telluride, Colorado. 

Then read about the accident on Saturday, Oct. 10, as recorded by BleepinJeep.  

Then watch this half-hour YouTube video about a hailstorm and rockslides on this road on August 24, 2020.

See, you got your mind off the election for maybe 30 minutes or an hour.  




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