90 Day Fiancé: What Happened To The Season 5 Couples After The Show

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If you’ve ever wondered what happened to the season 5 couples on 90 Day Fiancé, relax and get comfortable. We’ve got the lowdown on who’s still together and all the other assorted goodies that have happened to these participants in the years since.

Season 5 introduced viewers to Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet. She’s the all-American girl from Florida who met her rugged Moldovan man in Ireland of all places. Andrei eventually moved to the States to be with Elizabeth. He soon found himself at odds with her family over whether or not he could provide for her. Elizabeth even had her own doubts from time to time. Despite the drama, love prevailed and they became parents to baby girl in early 2019. In 2020, the couple married in a lavish ceremony in Moldova. Libby has since gone back to work, and Andrei is happy-ish as a stay-at-home dad.

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One couple from season 5 that met an unfortunate end was Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez. The Georgia entrepreneur met her much younger ex-husband while on vacation in his country, the Dominican Republic. Molly brought Luis to the U.S., but her daughters, as well as her dad, had a hard time adjusting to his presence. The only person who supported the union was Molly’s brother, but it wasn’t enough to keep the romance going. Molly realized Luis wasn’t up to being a father figure. The strain of the relationship led to a rift with her daughters, but Molly decided to marry him anyway. Things quickly disintegrated and led to a memorable argument between the couple on the show. Molly discussed what happened to their marriage back in April, while addressing rumors that Luis had remarried another woman soon after the split.

“We were not married very long. It didn’t work out. About a year later, we divorced,” Molly explained. “I do not talk to him. I have not spoken to him in years. I know that he’s remarried. I’m pretty confident the girl was already here and from the Dominican [Republic] and the family already knew her. I think there was probably an arrangement. I think he knew off the bat what he was going to do.”

Then, there are the remaining couples in season 5 that have found everlasting love: Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou, who made their debut in season 4, continued to navigate the choppy waters of the K-1 visa process. Season 5 wasn’t their finest hour; Nicole admitted that she had been sending him money, despite her financial struggles. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Azan had been arrested for an undisclosed charge. Things looked sketchy back then, but the couple is still together. Since season 5, Nicole has visited her boyfriend several times in Morocco, and even quarantined with him in 2020. Evelyn Cormier and David Vázquez Zermeño bonded over their shared faith. He saw her band on Facebook and made contact. The couple eventually married in her hometown of Claremont, New Hampshire. David had hoped to steer Evelyn to Washington, D.C. so he could pursue a career in public policy. Instead, he later followed his bride out to Hollywood when she became a contestant on American Idol in 2017. Evelyn made it all the way to the Top 14 in the competition. They’ve since settled in Los Angeles where he works in real estate. Next, there’s Josh and Aika Batterson. This duo fell in love online. She arrived in the United States from the Philippines and was determined to start a family with her man. Josh, on the other hand, had a checkered past with his kids and ex, so another baby wasn’t in his plans. He even dropped a bombshell on her that he’d had a vasectomy when he was younger. Although Aika wasn’t pleased, they stayed together. The couple is often seen on Instagram, posing for vacation photos and expressing their love for one another.

Finally, there’s the breakout couple that managed to capture the fan base’s adoration. David Toborowsky Annie Suwan met at a bar in her home country, Thailand. She was just 25; David was 48. The father of two adult children was determined to marry Annie, but his lack of financial security threatened their plans. David was forced to pay a hefty bride price to her family in exchange for her hand in marriage. He and Annie relocated to the U.S. and married. Their first year as a couple was marred by financial hardships that played out on the show. David ultimately got back on his feet, landing an adjunct professor job. Things appear to be on the uptick for the couple. They’re regular fixtures on 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk, and recently moved into a home in Arizona.

Life for the 90 Day Fiance couples has been a mixed bag since season 5 wrapped. From Evelyn’s triumph on American Idol, to Nicole and Azan’s romantic back and forth, fans can’t stop devouring updates on this diverse cast. Elizabeth and Andrei have proven they have the tenacity to make their love last. Molly has achieved success on the 90 Day spinoff series, Pillow Talk. She’s also a fan favorite on social media. Falling for someone in a different country can’t be easy, so kudos to these pairs for doing what it takes to stay together. Also, a round of applause to the producers that year for introducing viewers to some of the franchise’s biggest personalities to date.

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